A Letter from Max Firsau and Nick Tuzenko at Accel Club


Max Firsau & Nick Tuzenko
April 21, 2022

When news of the war in Ukraine first broke, like many others, we were shocked and worried about our families, friends, colleagues and partners in Ukraine. It is hard to bear when people we care about are hurting. To our Ukrainian colleagues and everyone residing in Ukraine, no words can describe the anguish you have suffered as the tragedy unfolds before your eyes.

The wellbeing and safety of our colleagues and their families is our top priority. Since day one, our dedicated task force has maintained contact with our Ukraine-based colleagues regularly to support them according to their individual circumstances, and the rest of our global team rallied behind them to ensure they can focus on themselves.

As a global company, Accel Club is incorporated in Delaware, USA, with our headquarters situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our executives and employees are based in different locations around the world including the US, the Netherlands, China, Serbia and Ukraine. In view of the current situation, we have decided to close all operations in Russia. As such, we will no longer engage any contractors in the country. Business-critical operations continue to run across the rest of our global team who are focused on serving our customers, and delivering the best value and products in over 20 countries.

Our hearts ache for everyone affected, and we pray for the safety of our loved ones and team in Ukraine. This conflict is not something anyone wants or supports. We pray for peace and are heartened by the care and empathy shown toward one another, and we ask that everyone do what you can within your means to help. During this difficult time, we must stand together and support one another.