4 Ways to Help Grow Your eCommerce Brand

4 Ways to Help Grow Your eCommerce Brand

Sebastien Stanley-Jones
April 21, 2022

Starting an eCommerce business is exciting and as an entrepreneur and brand owner, you have a multitude of decisions to make: you could start with a single SKU and add more products over time, you could branch out to different categories, you could focus on one market or expand to a few regions…the possibilities are endless. As your brand attains success on Amazon, you could consider selling your business to an Amazon FBA Aggregator to enjoy the fruits of your labor and start a new business. 

There are lots of sellers sharing stories about how they sold their brands to an Amazon FBA Aggregator, but do you know what happens to the brands after they’ve been acquired by an aggregator? How do Aggregators scale performance? Is there a secret recipe or perhaps more behind the scenes? At Accel Club, our Operations team has a wealth of experience and know-how to share. Let me walk you through which levers were pulled and some quick hacks you can apply to drive performance. 

Tip 1: Help your customer find what they are looking for

Understanding your brand’s audience, i.e. their pain points and needs will help you better explain how your products are the right solutions for them. 

We know that taking the effort to write from our customers’ perspectives always pays off. Instead of a laundry list of product information, we translate technical product details into bitesize content in bullet points. 

We adopt an in-depth analytical approach to understand customers’ needs and our product value proposition, then we optimize and craft the descriptions to be more customer-friendly. This helps customers to find what they are looking for and makes understanding product features extremely simple. Less is more!

Tip 2: Upsell Upsell Upsell

If you have multiple listings and ASINS, make sure to do this! 

Determine which other products could be used in conjunction with the listing your customers are browsing/adding to cart, and upsell them. A broad range of instruments could be applied to increase customer spend and more importantly, satisfy customer needs. From bundles and promotions to being featured in prime Amazon sections such as "Frequently Bought Together". This helps customers get the best value out of a bundle of products which they otherwise wouldn’t consider, and you get to increase your average order value.

Tip 3: Let the pictures do the talking

The best product pictures would convert at the highest rate. This entails a considerable amount of trial and error as the most aesthetically pleasing pictures do not necessarily equate to conversions. An eye-catching hero image can help you to differentiate your products from the competition, both in sponsored and organic impressions. It is about helping your customers in their purchasing process, and the right pictures would either inspire them or help them visualize using the product!

Tip 4: Pay attention to reviews

Mitigate negative reviews and respond to customers who did not enjoy the products.

Prompt and appropriate follow-up is critical to keeping any listing at its peak performance. It is not enough to simply avoid negative reviews but rather, establish a process on next steps when a negative review occurs. Customer service never goes out of style. Engage these unhappy customers, provide support and improve their experience. 

Take time to understand their feedback and you can learn a lot. Cluster and analyze your product reviews so as to better understand your product strengths and areas of improvement.

Bonus Tip: Launching the new products. When we are busy with day-to-day operations, it can be easy to neglect your product pipeline. Consumers’ needs evolve over time, and launching and testing new products should not be placed on the back burner. 

If you’re looking to sell your brand and would like to learn about the process, get in touch via our contact form.